Water Quality Monitoring

Learn more about water quality sampling and watershed monitoring with the Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Secchi Dip-In: Participate in the Secchi Dip-In by taking a transparency measurement one day during the month of July. Volunteer gathered transparency values are used to assess the transparency of lakes in the United States and Canada. For more information, see the Secchi Dip-In webpage.

Download the BloomWatch App: Help the Environmental Protection Agency understand where and when cyanobacteria blooms occur using your smartphone. These blooms have the potential to produce toxins that can affect humans, pets, and our ecosystems. To download the app and learn more, visit the BloomWatch webpage.

Monitor Surface Water for DEP: Help the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) monitor our state’s surface waters by joining their watershed volunteer monitoring effort. Data from volunteers helps support their efforts to assess surface water, manage non-point sources of pollution, and calculate total daily maximum loads (TMDLs). For more information, visit the DEP environmental monitoring webpage.